Remote workers are persons who work from their homes or a place away from the office of the company he/she works for. They mostly do jobs that require tech gadgets like the ones listed in this article. Remote workers include people with roles such as Graphic Designers, Programmers, Content Developers, Writers, Social Media Managers and a host of others.

The list of the tech gadgets for remote workers include the following itemized below

1. Laptop Power Bank

Picture of a Laptop Power Bank
Picture of a Laptop Power Bank

Considering the unstable state of power in Nigeria, any laptop user irrespective of if he/she is a remote worker, will would definitely appreciate this tech gadget. In addition to charging laptops, power bank can power other devices that needs power supply to function including printers and digital cameras.

 2. Laptop Stand

Picture of a Laptop Stand
Picture of a Laptop Stand

Anyone that works from home will make do of a laptop stand as to upgrade their workspace. A laptop stand helps in elevating the height of the laptop from the table it is being placed on. This makes the laptop user more comfortable while typing or generally operating the laptop.

3. Router/Modem

The backbone of the jobs remote workers do are internet driven. They need internet to send proposals via email, to create awareness, build engagement, teach online courses and a whole lot more. Therefore,
modems and router devices are used for internet connectivity as they provide internet access to devices that need internet such as laptops and smartphones. Also, most persons who work remote usually prefer to own modems and router devices rather than hotspot from their phones because using modems and router devices is usually more economical.

4. Earpiece/Head phones

Earpiece and Headphones are used to listen to audio and also used when watching a video to listen clearly as well avoid distractions. Most remote workers also need earphones when communicating with their co-workers via conference calls. Some others use the headphones with microphones to also teach online courses/classes.

5. External Hard Drive

Picture of an External Hard Drive
Picture of an External Hard Drive

Remote workers are usually known for having a large volume of resources due to series of work materials, study materials and teaching materials as well. These materials could be in text, audio or video format. External Hard Drive is usually ideal for storage of these series of materials. The Hard drives are always in 320GB, 500GB, 1 TB or more.

6. Wireless Mouse

Picture of a Wireless Mouse
Picture of a Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse is very useful when it comes to working on a laptop because of the comfort it provides. It makes it easier and faster for a laptop user to navigate the PC unlike when one uses the laptop mouse that is usually slow. A lot of graphic designers always use this tech gadget because it makes their work move faster.

There could be many other tech gadgets remote workers will find useful, however, we just listed some the most important ones. Please you can also do well to suggest others you might find useful in the comment section.

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed the read.

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